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Gatti Precorvi Lamiere Forate e Bugnate - Perforated and Embossed Plates
Soluzioni e componenti in lamiera forata e bugnata - Engineered perforated and embossed metal items Lamiere forate e bugnate - Perforated and embossed plates
General conditions of sale and delivery of Gatti Precorvi Srl products

General Conditions of Sale

Supply regulation

1. Supply relationships are subject to these Conditions of Sale only, which will be complemented with
specific notification through the Confirmation of Order. All amendments added to the Confirmation of
Order, if in contrast with these General Conditions, shall prevail.
2. Any additional written or verbal notification differing from both these general conditions and the
confirmation of order, and made by the purchaser (such as, for instance, a request of offer or an order),
shall be regarded as a merely informal act within the supply relationship. No divergent purchaser condition
contained in the order shall apply unless reproduced in the confirmation of order.
3. The confirmation of order shall contain a description of the product including material, type, quantity
and/or theoretical net weight, price and payment terms.
4. The confirmation of order shall have to be countersigned for acceptance by the customer.

Payment conditions
1. If the purchaser does not pay, does not pay adequately, or does not meet payment deadlines, Gatti
Precorvi Srl shall be entitled to invoice legal interest on arrears, as well as to modify the conditions of
payment for following supplies or to suspend the implementation of the supply contract. Considering the
importance of the commitment, and excepting damages compensation, Gatti Precorvi Srl shall be entitled
to rescind the supply contract through a notification to the purchaser to be send via registered mail.
2. Anytime Gatti Precorvi Srl believes that the purchaser's financial situation can no longer guarantee the
payment of invoices, Gatti Precorvi Srl shall be entitled to suspend the supply.
3. No discount, allowance or rounding off shall be accepted unless they are authorized.

Delivery and title retention
1. Ownership rights to the delivered products shall not pass to the customer until the customer has made a
payment in full of the invoice issued by Gatti Precorvi Srl. However, from the time of delivery, the customer
shall undertake all the risks related to the product, including the risk of accidental damage.

1. Gatti Precorvi Srl shall provide for packing in compliance with the terms of use. Gatti Precorvi Srl shall not
be held responsible for any loss or damages to the product unless they depend on and are a direct
consequence of willful misconduct or gross negligence by Gatti Precorvi Srl itself.

Delivery time
1. Delivery time as indicated in the confirmation of order shall be considered as merely approximate. It shall
not be regarded as obligatory.
2. Any delay in delivery shall not entitle the purchaser either to claim for damages or to rescind the supply

1. Gatti Precorvi Srl guarantees that the product supply meets the characteristics and conditions specified
in the confirmation of order. Neither Gatti Precorvi shall be held responsible for the applications or
processing of the product by the purchaser or a third party, nor it shall guarantee for the trading, quality
and appropriateness of the product to specific aims unless they are notified at the time of order or
expressly accepted.

Verification of the products, delays and non-delivery
1. The customer shall verify the state and quality of the goods received and notify in detail to Gatti Precorvi
Srl any defect or possible defect which might emerge at first examination, as well as any other complaint
regarding the products, within 8 (eight) days from delivery. If the customer does not inform through such
notification, the products shall be regarded as definitely accepted and in compliance with the sale
agreement. The terms of decay as stated by article 1495 of the Civil Code are applied to the sale
agreement. The customer shall not accept the delivery of damaged packages by the carrier and shall
communicate it immediately. If the complaint is regularly notified and is regarded as correct after
inspection by Gatti Precorvi, the latter shall replace the product regarded as non-corresponding.
2. Under no circumstances may a complaint cause the entire or partial suspension of payment of the
related product invoice or the suspension/ annulment of payments concerning different invoices.

1. In the event of unexpected events and force majeure, Gatti Precorvi Srl shall have the right to rescind the
contract and to suspend the fulfillment of the order whenever some circumstances altering the practical
carry-on of provision occur. However, any time Gatti Precorvi Srl rescinds the supply agreement, the
purchaser shall not be entitled to obtain compensation, refund or indemnity. When required by Gatti
Precorvi, the customer shall pay for the product before delivery.

Place of jurisdiction
1. Any disputes between the parties resulting from the contract, including disputes relating to its
interpretation and/or resolution and/or validity, shall be governed by the Court of Bergamo as exclusive
place of jurisdiction.
2. The Court of Bergamo is the unique place of jurisdiction also in the event of promissory note.

Quantity Tolerance
Quantities shall be accepted with tolerance level +-5%. Tolerance about dimensional values is subject to the
related UNI regulations.

Gatti Precorvi operates under UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations.

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